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Natural Areas Coalition of South Florida
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Management Plan
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Natural Areas and Native Species Management Plan

Educate cat colony proponents about the impacts that cat
colonies have on natural areas and native species.

Promote and encourage cat colony proponents to
voluntarily remove cat colonies from county parks, and
establish a deadline for voluntary removal.

Initiate mandatory trapping and removal of all cats and
feeding stations from county parks, and establish a
deadline for the elimination of cat colonies from county

Enforce current ordinances.

Maintain a nuisance animal control program focused on
cats. Primary goal of the program should be to maintain
county parks free of cats.

Create a committee composed of wildlife experts from
academia, county/state agencies, conservation groups,
humane society, and animal shelter, personnel to work
together to solve current and future cat problems.

Increase the awareness of visitors, local residents, and
local schools through educational materials that explain
the importance of preserving and protecting natural
areas and native species. Educational material should
also contain information on the impacts that exotic
species, including domestic animals, have on native

Promote national spay/neuter day and educate cat owners
on the importance and benefits of keeping cats indoors.

Encourage local governments to create pet policies that
would hold irresponsible pet owners financially and
legally accountable for their actions.